Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Adventures Of Fred And Todd (Part 1)

Ok, here's a tiny story that I just made up. Enjoy!!! XD (I actually made this up a while ago, let's see if I remember it)

The Adventures Of Fred And Todd (Part 1)

There once was a boy. His name was Todd. He had a spirit animal that was a dragon, who's name was Fred. Thing is, Todd loves his dragon spirit animal that he gave up his body to make the dragon become a real dragon. Todd later became a llama. Luckily, Todd was a very happy llama.

Todd wanted Fred to be a very happy dragon, just like he was a very happy llama. So he set Fred free. That and the rules stated that spirit animals could only be spirit animals to humans. That and Fred wasn't a spirit animal anymore. Fred was a real dragon.

So Fred went off into the world. One day, he came across some kids eating a new cereal called Brainy-Bits. But then he witnessed as their brains exploded. He realized why the cereal was called Brainy-Bits. So he set off on a quest. He was going to stop the Brainy-Bits maker and bring peace to the world. And stop brains from going in pieces.

So Fred found himself lost in a forest on his way around the world. He saw a spirit animal bear. The bear was angry. So the bear said "Grrr!" and bopped Fred's nose.

"OWIE!!!!" Fred whelped. "You bopped me in the nose!"

"Grrr!" Was the bear's only response. The bear did it again.

"Please stop, you're giving me a boo boo! Why are you so angry?" The dragon complained while putting a hand/claw thing on his nose to protect it.

"I don't know. Just felt like it." The bear suddenly calmed down.

"Hahaha you're funny!" Fred laughed, and Bear laughed along with Fred. Yes, the bear's name is Bear. You got a problem with it? Geez, tough readers today.

Bear and Fred said their goodbyes after Bear showed Fred the exit from the forest. From then, Fred travelled such a long time. It was a nearly impossible feat, but he finally made it to a dark and scary castle in over 5 minutes.

Yes, 5 minutes. Fred is an amazing dragon. Fred was very tired by the time he got there.

So Fred walked up to the castle doors and walked inside, not waiting for the door to open. It was very hard. I mean seriously, have you ever tried to walk through wood or steel or whatever that was?

Anyway, Fred made it through the door and walked into what looked like a laboratory.

"Ah, we haz a guest!!!" A strange, cackling voice laughed. He said 'guest' as "gwest".

Fred turned around, knocking down a box of something.

"Oh, no no no, please don't do zat! Dis iz me project! Me very special project!" An old, frizzy haired man laughed some more, rolling his r's excessively and saying 'special' as "spay-shawl".

"Who are you?" Fred asked.

"Oh, ho ho ho! You are ze one in me home, not I in yours! Who are YOU?" The man cackled, continuing to roll his r's. Basically all his r's are really really really rolled. Ok I just tried to say "Really, really, really rolled." with rolled r's. It's hard! At least for me.

"I'm Fred."

"Hello, Fred." He laughed some more, saying something like halo instead of hello. "Would you like to try some of my cereal I'm creating?"

"Sure!" Fred grinned. He loved cereal.

The old man, most likely a professor, poured some cereal into a bowl and poured milk into it.

I wonder where I've seen that cereal box... Fred wondered.

Then Fred ate the cereal. It was a very good cereal.

Next thing you know, there is a limited edition of Brainy-Bits: Dragon Brainy-Bits.

But that's ok, because Todd the Llama brought back Fred to life, and Fred became a llama, too. So now it's Todd the Llama and Fred the Llama. But rumor has it that the limited edition, Dragon Brainy-Bits, were making people think they were a dragon. So the kids started to light places on fire.

"We have to stop this!" Todd spittled.

"Yes, we must!" Fred spittled back.

~To be continued~

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Ok, so I literally don't know what to post about XD So basically I'm just gonna type and type until I think of something. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Eh, I give up. Carry on! XD

What Rhymes With Very? Hmm, I wonder...

Ok, so this is gonna be long XD Thank you RhymeZone for providing for this post!!!
Also, thank you Goku for (without knowing) helping me with this post XD Yes I really just wanted to do something really long. And yes I changed the results number just a tiny bit. Good for you for those who figure out what the number used to be. Just didn't want it do be offensive to some people.
Words and phrases that rhyme with very:   (665 results)

2 syllables:
aeri-aerieaireyairyair heariearybareybare hebarrebarrie,barrybear heberreyberriberrieberryblair eblair hebuerry,burycareycare ecare e.care hecariecarreycarriecarrie e.carry,carychair hechericheriecherrycheryclaire e.claire heclair e.,clare e.clare heclarydairydare hederryderyere heeyriefairey,fairyfair efair hefare efare heferaeferriferri-ferrieferryfery,flair hefrarygarrygarygary egary e.gehrygerrigerriegerry,gerry e.geryglare heglaryhairyhair hehare heharryharry e,harry e.heir heherryherr e.jerejere e.jerijerrijerriejerry,jerry e.kaireykarikari e.karrykarykerreykerrikerrykerry e.,lair helarrylarry elarry e.larymare emare hemarrymary,mary emary e.merriemerrymerry e.narynerineri epair e,pair heparryperryperry eperry e.prairieprayer hequerry,rare hescareyscare hescaryserryshare eshare hesherisherri,sherriesherrysherry e.skerrysnare hesnaryspare hesperry,square esquare hestair hestare hestarysterryswear hetarry,tear heteriterraeterriterrieterrie e.terryterry e.there e,there hevaryverriverryware hewarywear hewerrywery,where ewhere e.where hewhere heewherryyeiri 

3 syllables:
affair healarieameriarmchair heasburyauberryaware heazeri,bad fairybanburybarberibing cherrybird cherryblackberry,black cherryblood berryblueberryboveribradberrybradbury,brimberrybucchericadburycanarycarberrycecerecompare e,compare e.contrarycranberrycurrerideclare hedelleridespair he,dewberrydogberrydoonesburydubarryelsberryelsbury,elsewhere heemburyfanfare heferrerigadberryglengarry,goldsberrygooseberrygranberrygrandberryground cherryguarneri,hackberryhail maryhanberryhanburyhansberryhardware he,heart cherrykilburykingsburylansberrylaprairielibrarylibrary e,lineberrymacquarriemacsharrymake merrymale berrymarberry,marburymarksberrymaserimaucerimaugerimayberrymaybury,mcclarymccrarymcgarrymcgarymcnairymcnarymcquerry,mcsherrymetairiemocerimooberrymulberrynewberrynewbery,newburynightmare henowhere heo'berryoberryomaryopere e,oteripalmeripieriepierre e.pierre hepillsburypin cherryplumeri,primaryprosperiqueensberryraineriraneriraspberryrecarey,remarryrepair heroseberryrosemaryrosemary e.roxburyruggeri,rum cherrysand cherrysaulsberryscarberryscuderiseaberry,seaburysedberryshrewsberryshrewsburysilverisimsbury,software esoftware hesolerisomewhere hespiterisprayberry,stanberrystanburystansberrystrawberryst marysudberrysudbury,sunserisweet cherrythornberrythornburythroneberrytiberitilbury,unfair heunwaryvaleriviguerievoltaire hewarfare hewelfare he,westberrywestburywheat berrywheelchair hewild cherrywild clary,winberrywoodberrywoodburyyarberry 

4 syllables:
adversaryancillaryanywhere heappleberryarbitraryarbitrary e,arterberryatterburyaviarybalistreribarillaribeach strawberry,black mulberryblack raspberrybladder cherrybloody mary,bog rosemarybrackenburybuckthorn berrybudgetarycamilleri,canterburycanzonericape gooseberrycapillarycasselberry,cassowarycastleberrycautionarycemeterycentenary,christenberrychristenburychristmas berryclosed primarycoffee berry,cometarycommentarycommissarycorollarycoronaryculinary,customarydelaware hederryberrydictionarydietarydignitary,dispensarydromedarydwarf blueberrydwarf mulberrydysentery,eckelberryemissaryestuaryeverywhere hefaulkenberryfeb,februaryformularyfragmentaryfrancesmaryfrankenberry,fuji cherryfunctionaryfuneraryhockenberryhockenbury,hog cranberryhoney berryhonoraryhuckleberryikenberryjanuary,lapidarylarge cranberrylaurel cherryleatherberryleatherbury,legendaryliterarylondonderrylow blueberryluminary,marsh rosemarymeadow clarymercenarymickelberrymiddlebury,militarymillionaire hemissionarymomentarymonastery,monetarymontazerimortuarynecessarynorfolk wherryoliveri,ordinarypalmieripalminteripigeon berryplanetaryprairie berry,pudding berrypulmonarypusateriquaternaryquestionnaire he,ranierired mulberryred raspberryrosebud cherryrosenberry,rotenberrysalmon berrysalutarysanctuarysand blackberry,sanitarysavagerysea gooseberrysecondarysecretarysecretary e.,sedentaryseminarysilver berrysmall cranberrysolitarysour cherry,stationarystationerystatuaryswamp blackberryswamp blueberry,swamp dewberrytagliaferritemporarytertiarytipperary,tom and jerrytopiarytributarytrue blackberryunaware he,underwear heunitaryurinaryveterinaryvirgin maryvisionary,waterburywhite mulberrywild cranberrywild raspberry,wild rosemarywild strawberrywinter cherrywood strawberry,yellow berry 

5 syllables:
apothecarybarbados cherrybicentenarybird sanctuary,black huckleberrybollettieribox huckleberryceylon gooseberry,chief secretarychinese gooseberrycommon bird cherry,common canaryconcessionaryconfectionaryconfectionery,constabularycontemporarydeflationarydepositarydesk dictionary,direct primarydisciplinarydiscretionarydiversionary,downy ground cherrydwarf cape gooseberryepistolary,evergreen cherryexclusionaryexpansionaryextraordinaryfiduciary,flowering cherryfool's huckleberrygarden strawberryhereditary,home secretaryillusionaryimaginaryindian cherryinflationary,involuntaryirish strawberryitineraryjamaican cherry,japanese cherryjudiciaryjuniper berrylending library,mountain blue berrymountain cranberrynative cranberrynonmilitary,northern dewberryobituaryopen primarypaper mulberry,pecuniarypituitarypreliminaryprobationaryprogram library,proprietaryproprietary epublic librarypurple ground cherry,reactionaryrecessionaryrunning blackberrysapphire berry,scarlet strawberryschool dictionarysouthern dewberrysubsidiary,surinam cherryunnecessaryunsanitaryvocabularywar secretary,western blackberrywestern dewberrywestern sand cherry 

6 syllables:
assumption of marybarbados gooseberrybeneficiarycatalina cherry,chilean strawberrycommerce secretarycommon bog rosemary,defense secretarydisinflationaryevergreen blueberryevolutionary,expeditionaryflowering raspberrygarden huckleberryinterplanetary,jerusalem cherrylabor secretarylittle dictionarymake unnecessary,maraschino cherrymexican black cherrynavy secretary,new zealand wine berrynoninflationaryoriental cherryparamilitary,pocket dictionaryrevolutionaryrocky mountains cherrysemilegendary,social secretaryundersecretaryvirginia strawberrywest indian cherry 

7 syllables:
american cranberryamerican dewberryamerican hackberry,american raspberryamoebic dysenterybilingual dictionary,cardiopulmonarycirculating librarycollegiate dictionary,cultivated strawberryenergy secretaryenvoy extraordinary,european bird cherryeuropean blueberryeuropean cranberry,european dewberryeuropean hackberryeuropean raspberry,evergreen huckleberryinterdisciplinarymadeira winter cherry,official emissaryoriental bush cherrysolemnity of mary,treasury secretaryunabridged dictionarywinter flowering cherry 

8 syllables:
agriculture secretarycounterrevolutionarydepository library,education secretaryelectronic dictionaryexecutive secretary,interior secretaryjapanese flowering cherrytransportation secretary 

9 syllables:
anterior pituitaryapalachicola rosemarymachine readable dictionary,mediterranean hackberryposterior pituitary 

10 syllables:
etymological dictionary