Thursday, March 26, 2015

C'mon, people, read!!!

Hi everyone! You know how all your teachers always want you to read? Isn't that just annoying? Well, THEY HAVE A REASON!!!! Sorry, I don't want so sound mad, I just want people to see that. Yes, they do have a reason. And, reading is super important not just in the way the tachers say, but it's scientifically proven that it helps some disease when you are older. And, it takes you on an adventure! So, remember to read everyone. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Favorite Artist? Meaning singer or something like that...

Hey guys. I like music a lot. I listen to music a lot. My favorite 3 artists in the music industry is Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Little Mix. Little Mix is a girl band, BTW. So, I really like their music! Hey, guys, please comment on your favorite artist and song! It will show up in a post!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finding Time

Hey everyone. As you know, I have not been posting as many posts lately. Yes, I am very busy these days, and there is always something on my mind. Has there ever been a time when you couldn't get something done? Write about it in comments! Because, I know all about it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hi everyone sorry that I have not been writing posts that much. Keep in mind that I may or may not write a post that day, I don't have a particular schedule for that. Maybe I should make one, but don't count on it. I will continue to write posts, just know that, but I don't have a fixed date, so I cannot say when I will have a post writen. Thanks!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi everyone! :)

Hello! Sorry I couldn't do a post earlier. It was a little troubleshooting... Don't really want to explain it. I was mostly busy, though. I'm still writing1

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Favorite Online Game?

My favorite online game is called Animal Jam. Its by National Geographic. Its really fun! Anyways, I know some people on there, like my BFF, so I wanted to post some codes I know!

twelve - 1 diamond
newyear15 – 500 gems 
friends – 1000 gems 
friendship – 500 gems
outback – 500 gems 
ajrocks – 500 gems 
pets – 500 gems 
winter – 500 gems 
ajbday4 - Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
ngk2015 – 1000 gems
adventure - 500 gems
tigris – 500 gems 
ganges – 500 gems 
chimbu – 500 gems 
drawing – 500 gems
shadows – 500 gems
explorer – 100 gems

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Munchy Munch Munch

I like to eat... so I'm gonna eat some of you food without you knowing!!!! Mmmm, so good! *Munchy munch munch*



"Meow, meow mew mow mow meow, mow mow mow, mew meow!!!"
Translation: "We are not really fighting, we just like to pretend to fight sometimes!!!"
"Meow! Mow meow mew meow mow mow mew meow mow? Meow mow mew mow meow!"
Translation: "Ya! And what's with that crazy and action-movie sounding name? We aren't even in a play!"

Oops. Sorry, guys. Just felt like I had to do that... it seems funny....

"Mow meow!!!! Meow mow mew MEOW mow meow mow. Mew mow mow meow mow!"
Translation: "It was!!!! But we don't HATE each other. We just like to play!"

Ok. Have fun little kitties!!!

That was interesting, wasn't it...?

Where's My Mama?

"Where's my Mama?" Come on, guys!!! Help the little guy!!!! Wait, what???? It's just a picture?!?!?! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!!! *Pets the ducky* Oh, ya, I think your right... this dicky is way to flat and textureless... oops. Heh heh... IT JUST SEEMS SO REAL!!!!!

No Word, I Can't Do It!!!

I can't describe it!!!!! It just TOO CUTE!!!!!! Theres just no words!!!! I'm speechless!!!!! Good job, little guy! You got me speechless!!!!! But seriously, can you blame me??? JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!

Sorry, I need to finish this post up.... *SO CUTE!!!!!* it's starting to have effects on me, and I need to end it for my safety... (not really :P)

Told Ya!!!

Like I said, I'm gonna be doing a lot of animal pictures!!!!

Big Eyes, Big Dreams

Just one look into those beady eyes, and you'll have a cuteness overflow! Even though this little piglet is small, we know it has BIG dreams! It wants to be a Wilbur, just as amazing as this piggy thinks he is. Dream on, little piggy! Dream on!!!


This guy seems very social and ready to make some friends!!! Who wants to be friends with a baby panda????

The "Animal Age" of the Blog

Ok, right now I am going to be doing a lot of cute little animal pictures, so I'm calling it the "Animal Age". Just keep on the lookout for that!

Greedy Kitty? I think so...

Is this kitty greedy or what? And also possessive? I think it's funny if you ask me...

Either use it or leave it!!!
As I continue to look at this, I imagine another character or something saying, "Either use it or leave it! Don't sit on it!!!"And when I think of that, I'm thinking it's an old granny kitty, like the grandma of this little black guy. Heh heh... kinda funny when you really think about it... :P

Have you noticed?

Hi everyone! Has anyone of you noticed that I am sorta doing "advice" posts more instead of silly posts that I used to do? I have. So, I am definatly gonna work on that. Actually, gonna have both! It's just that one of the devices I use makes it hard to add stuff like photos or videos. So, I am definitely gonna work on putting more unpredicted stuff in. Besides, that's the point!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Video Games, Electronics, and Screens

Ok, lets face it. It's like the whole world revolves around it sometimes! And, ya! I admit it, I love having some time on the computer or my tablet, and the computer is what I use to write my posts! It's really useful and revolutionary, and it seems we can get enough of it. But, the truth is, while it helps us with work and entertainment, what does it do to our health? When the WiFi is on, you shouldn't have your tablet close to your body because it radiates it. Don't keep your devices in the same room you sleep in while you are sleeping, and, if you can, turn off the WiFi for it when you don't need it! That will help with your health. Still, there are always more studies on the topic, so make sure you stay updated on the news and studies of it. Have fun, but always stay safe!!! :)

Invite Your Friends!

Hi guys! I just wanna ask all my viewers (if there are any, lol!) to please show this blog to your friends! I hope you and them all like my blog, I put a lot of time into it once I start doing it from time to time. I am always trying to post stuff people will like! And, I know I keep on saying this, but seriously! Please comment!!!!! If you have suggestions for me, please tell me, and also, if you need any information on something, just ask! This blog has no real topic, I just write random stuff, so PLEASE COMMENT!!! And of course, I need viewers, so again, invite your friends!!!

Blogger App

Hi everyone! If you are interested in blogging with like I am, or have a blog with it, there is a blogger app that I just found out about, and I am using it right now! It's cool. Just a suggestion!!!


Hi everyone! This posts topic is... (drum roll) school! Everyone has to do school, whether they go to a private school, public, school, or they are home schooled! You just have to do it. And for some reason, lots of kids feel like they would rather stay at home having fun with sports and games and other stuff than school, like they don't like school. I used to hear that a lot. I used to hear, "I don't like school!" and other stuff like that. So, why? Why do we hate to learn? Ya, not all kids are like this. And that's good, because school is very important. We learn, practice, earn, and think in school. And we learn what level we are. School is very important, because we need to know information to do jobs and work when we grow up. Without that, everything would be chaos. So, try to learn to love learning (and school of course)!

Hi, I'm Back!

Hey guys! I wanted to post an "Hi friends! Im back..." kitten picture, but it wouldn't work. I am back to posting! I am really bad at keeping to comitments. So if I said I would post at least 1 post everyday, I am so sorry! But, expect me to do it anyway sometime. Never know when I'm gonna log on and write! So, I just wanted to throw that out there. Also, I know that probably all my views are from me checking on my blog... not the best feeling. So I am just writing to myself sometimes! At least it feels that way, but I write more of just the hope someone else will view, and for the fun of it! Mostly because its fun, but I do want people to see my works! Well, that being said, keep on viewing (if you actually do view) and I will have lots of posts! Also, if you want me to talk about something, or you want me to find information on something, I am always here to help! Just ask in comments! 

From, your Happily-Starting-Blogging-Again Blogger,
What's New Editor-in-Cheif! 

P.S. Bad name, I know. Definetly need to work on it...