Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Anime? Yay!

It seems as if anime is getting pretty popular. I personally love the anime show Fairy Tail. If you really like anime or you've never seen anime and want to try it out, then go to this link! It's got a lot of anime shows. If you want manga (anime in book form, Japanese graphic novels), then go to the next link after the first!

Anime --->

Manga --->

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Does it work? NO IDEA!!!!! Maybe it does for some people, but it doesn't work for me... (so sad)
Tell me if you fall asleep. (tee he)

If it DOES in fact work I'm gonna be so jealous.

Always Cherished

Has anyone else had something special that just brings them a smile when they look at it? This is mine. Just remember to cherish every day with someone or something, because nothing lasts forever.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Feet + High Heels = DEATH

Hello everyone! Some women just love shoes, especially high heels! I mean, look at the picture below? Many would consider these to be absolutely fabulous. Well your feet don't! For one, you could fall. Also it deforms your foot. I would put up a picture of a celebrity's foot (celebrities wear lots of high heels), but I don't want to blind anyone...

Let Grumpy Cat Do What She Does Best: Be Grumpy.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Day By Geoffrey Brock

It hangs on its
                stem like a plum
at the edge of a
               darkening thicket.

It’s swelling and
               blushing and ripe
and I reach out a
               hand to pick it

but flesh moves
               slow through time
and evening
               comes on fast

and just when I
               think my fingers
might seize that
               sweetness at last

the gentlest of
               breezes rises
and the plum lets
               go of   the stem.

And now it’s my
               fingers ripening
and evening that’s
               reaching for them.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


This cheetah cub looks adorable, as well as a little cold from what looks like snow. Want to find out some cool facts about cheetahs? All you have to do is continue reading this post to find out more about cheetahs!

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. They can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour.
  • A cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds.
  • Cheetahs are extremely fast however they tire quickly and can only keep up their top speed for a few minutes before they are too tired to continue.
  • Cheetahs are smaller than other members of the big cat family, weighing only 45 – 60 kilograms.
  • One way to always recognize a cheetah is by the long, black lines which run from the inside of each eye to the mouth. These are usually called “tear lines” and scientists believe they help protect the cheetah’s eyes from the harsh sun and help them to see long distances.
  • Cheetahs are the only big cat that cannot roar. They can purr though and usually purr most loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other cheetahs.
  • While lions and leopards usually do their hunting at night, cheetahs hunt for food during the day.
  • A cheetah has amazing eyesight during the day and can spot prey from 5 km away.
  • Cheetahs cannot climb trees and have poor night vision. 
  • With their light body weight and blunt claws, cheetahs are not well designed to protect themselves or their prey. When a larger or more aggressive animal approaches a cheetah in the wild, it will give up its catch to avoid a fight.
  • Cheetahs only need to drink once every three to four days.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Nightcore: Runnin'

Hello, everyone! This song is called Runnin'. I really love this song. It has a great tune, if you ask me. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. Below the link, I will post the lyrics.

Nightcore: Runnin'

Steel to my trembling lips,
How did the night ever get like this
One shot and the whiskey goes down, down, down
Bottom of the bottle hits
Waking up my mind as I throw a fit
The breakin' is takin' me down, down, down

My heart's beating faster, I know what I'm after.
I've been standing here my whole life,
Everything I've seen twice, now it's time I realize
It's spinnin' back around now, on this road I'm crawling
Save me cause I'm falling, now I can't seem to breathe right
Cause I keep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin' from my heart.

'Round and around I'd go, addicted to the numb
Living in the cold
The higher, the lower the down, down, down
Sick of being tired and sick of waiting
For another kind of fix
The damage is damning me down, down, down

My heart's beating faster, I know what I'm after.
I've been standing here my whole life,
Everything I've seen twice, now it's time I realize
It's spinning back around now, on this road I'm crawling
Save me cause I'm falling, now I can't seem to breathe right
Cause I keep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin' from my heart.

Woah ohhhhh,
I'm coming alive.
Woah ohhhhh,
Wake up now and live oh!

Woah ohhhhh,
I'm coming alive.
A life that's always been a dream,
Wake up now and live oh!

I've been standing here my whole life,
My heart's beating faster, I know what I'm after.

I've been standing here my whole life,
Everything I've seen twice, now it's time I realize
It's spinning back around now, on this road I'm crawling
Save me cause I'm falling, now I can't seem to breathe right
Cause I keep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin' from my heart.

Cause I keep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Runnin' from my heart.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Todays nightcore is Primadonna. Ok, I absolutely LOVE this song. I listen to it all the time. I hope you like it!

Nightcore Primadonna

Mommy Kitty & Baby Kitty

Aw, how cute? This mommy is ready to tackle down motherhood,
and this cute little kitten is ready to take on growing up!
You go, kitties!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Todays nightcore is a song called Grenade. I think its pretty cool. It really opens what is in someone's heart at times. Its a really good song and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Nightcore Grenade

Fierce, Adorable, Fierce, Adorable

Hey everyone! This is my daily CUTENESS post! Let's see what we got here...

Yeah, this little kitty looks pretty cute!
Are you FIERCE or are you ADORABLE? Leave a comment and tell me!

I have a new idea, everyone!

I am thinking about doing 3 posts a day. There will be a cute animal post, a nightcore link post (I love nightcore), and a surprise post! This does not count for todays post, of course. Stay tuned to find out what I will post next!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Nightcore - Outside

Hey everyone! This song is called Outside. It is sung by Ellie Goulding, though it is in the album "Motion" by Calvin Harris. Both my friends and I love this song, its really good. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

Presenting, Nightcore Outside

Just A Cute Animal Overdrive... Continued

Just A Cute Animal Overdrive...


Hello, my fellow viewers! I would like to share something that I like to do during my spare time... listen to nightcore! For those of you who don't know what nightcore is, its not a band. You can find nightcore at and it is definitely worth it! Nightcore is basically any song sped up, higher pitch or key, and is sang (if there is singing at all) in a chipmunk voice. In my opinion, every song is better in nightcore. On youtube, just search nightcore and whatever song you want to listen to. It will be there! And also, I will be posting links to some nightcore songs! If you don' see one that you want, just leave a comment and tell me what you want to listen to!

This song is called Viva La Vida. Hope you like it!

I will be posting a lot more nightcore, so keep on checking in!

Heyo, everyone! I'm back!

Hi, everyone! As you can see, I am back! And I can do a lot more things on computer, which is what I will be using most of the time. Lots of the other posts were used on and iPad, so its not as easy to do some things. So, I am excited to announce that I will be here for a while!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

C'mon, people, read!!!

Hi everyone! You know how all your teachers always want you to read? Isn't that just annoying? Well, THEY HAVE A REASON!!!! Sorry, I don't want so sound mad, I just want people to see that. Yes, they do have a reason. And, reading is super important not just in the way the tachers say, but it's scientifically proven that it helps some disease when you are older. And, it takes you on an adventure! So, remember to read everyone. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Favorite Artist? Meaning singer or something like that...

Hey guys. I like music a lot. I listen to music a lot. My favorite 3 artists in the music industry is Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Little Mix. Little Mix is a girl band, BTW. So, I really like their music! Hey, guys, please comment on your favorite artist and song! It will show up in a post!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finding Time

Hey everyone. As you know, I have not been posting as many posts lately. Yes, I am very busy these days, and there is always something on my mind. Has there ever been a time when you couldn't get something done? Write about it in comments! Because, I know all about it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hi everyone sorry that I have not been writing posts that much. Keep in mind that I may or may not write a post that day, I don't have a particular schedule for that. Maybe I should make one, but don't count on it. I will continue to write posts, just know that, but I don't have a fixed date, so I cannot say when I will have a post writen. Thanks!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi everyone! :)

Hello! Sorry I couldn't do a post earlier. It was a little troubleshooting... Don't really want to explain it. I was mostly busy, though. I'm still writing1

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Favorite Online Game?

My favorite online game is called Animal Jam. Its by National Geographic. Its really fun! Anyways, I know some people on there, like my BFF, so I wanted to post some codes I know!

twelve - 1 diamond
newyear15 – 500 gems 
friends – 1000 gems 
friendship – 500 gems
outback – 500 gems 
ajrocks – 500 gems 
pets – 500 gems 
winter – 500 gems 
ajbday4 - Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
ngk2015 – 1000 gems
adventure - 500 gems
tigris – 500 gems 
ganges – 500 gems 
chimbu – 500 gems 
drawing – 500 gems
shadows – 500 gems
explorer – 100 gems

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Munchy Munch Munch

I like to eat... so I'm gonna eat some of you food without you knowing!!!! Mmmm, so good! *Munchy munch munch*



"Meow, meow mew mow mow meow, mow mow mow, mew meow!!!"
Translation: "We are not really fighting, we just like to pretend to fight sometimes!!!"
"Meow! Mow meow mew meow mow mow mew meow mow? Meow mow mew mow meow!"
Translation: "Ya! And what's with that crazy and action-movie sounding name? We aren't even in a play!"

Oops. Sorry, guys. Just felt like I had to do that... it seems funny....

"Mow meow!!!! Meow mow mew MEOW mow meow mow. Mew mow mow meow mow!"
Translation: "It was!!!! But we don't HATE each other. We just like to play!"

Ok. Have fun little kitties!!!

That was interesting, wasn't it...?

Where's My Mama?

"Where's my Mama?" Come on, guys!!! Help the little guy!!!! Wait, what???? It's just a picture?!?!?! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!!! *Pets the ducky* Oh, ya, I think your right... this dicky is way to flat and textureless... oops. Heh heh... IT JUST SEEMS SO REAL!!!!!

No Word, I Can't Do It!!!

I can't describe it!!!!! It just TOO CUTE!!!!!! Theres just no words!!!! I'm speechless!!!!! Good job, little guy! You got me speechless!!!!! But seriously, can you blame me??? JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!

Sorry, I need to finish this post up.... *SO CUTE!!!!!* it's starting to have effects on me, and I need to end it for my safety... (not really :P)

Told Ya!!!

Like I said, I'm gonna be doing a lot of animal pictures!!!!

Big Eyes, Big Dreams

Just one look into those beady eyes, and you'll have a cuteness overflow! Even though this little piglet is small, we know it has BIG dreams! It wants to be a Wilbur, just as amazing as this piggy thinks he is. Dream on, little piggy! Dream on!!!


This guy seems very social and ready to make some friends!!! Who wants to be friends with a baby panda????

The "Animal Age" of the Blog

Ok, right now I am going to be doing a lot of cute little animal pictures, so I'm calling it the "Animal Age". Just keep on the lookout for that!

Greedy Kitty? I think so...

Is this kitty greedy or what? And also possessive? I think it's funny if you ask me...

Either use it or leave it!!!
As I continue to look at this, I imagine another character or something saying, "Either use it or leave it! Don't sit on it!!!"And when I think of that, I'm thinking it's an old granny kitty, like the grandma of this little black guy. Heh heh... kinda funny when you really think about it... :P

Have you noticed?

Hi everyone! Has anyone of you noticed that I am sorta doing "advice" posts more instead of silly posts that I used to do? I have. So, I am definatly gonna work on that. Actually, gonna have both! It's just that one of the devices I use makes it hard to add stuff like photos or videos. So, I am definitely gonna work on putting more unpredicted stuff in. Besides, that's the point!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Video Games, Electronics, and Screens

Ok, lets face it. It's like the whole world revolves around it sometimes! And, ya! I admit it, I love having some time on the computer or my tablet, and the computer is what I use to write my posts! It's really useful and revolutionary, and it seems we can get enough of it. But, the truth is, while it helps us with work and entertainment, what does it do to our health? When the WiFi is on, you shouldn't have your tablet close to your body because it radiates it. Don't keep your devices in the same room you sleep in while you are sleeping, and, if you can, turn off the WiFi for it when you don't need it! That will help with your health. Still, there are always more studies on the topic, so make sure you stay updated on the news and studies of it. Have fun, but always stay safe!!! :)

Invite Your Friends!

Hi guys! I just wanna ask all my viewers (if there are any, lol!) to please show this blog to your friends! I hope you and them all like my blog, I put a lot of time into it once I start doing it from time to time. I am always trying to post stuff people will like! And, I know I keep on saying this, but seriously! Please comment!!!!! If you have suggestions for me, please tell me, and also, if you need any information on something, just ask! This blog has no real topic, I just write random stuff, so PLEASE COMMENT!!! And of course, I need viewers, so again, invite your friends!!!

Blogger App

Hi everyone! If you are interested in blogging with like I am, or have a blog with it, there is a blogger app that I just found out about, and I am using it right now! It's cool. Just a suggestion!!!


Hi everyone! This posts topic is... (drum roll) school! Everyone has to do school, whether they go to a private school, public, school, or they are home schooled! You just have to do it. And for some reason, lots of kids feel like they would rather stay at home having fun with sports and games and other stuff than school, like they don't like school. I used to hear that a lot. I used to hear, "I don't like school!" and other stuff like that. So, why? Why do we hate to learn? Ya, not all kids are like this. And that's good, because school is very important. We learn, practice, earn, and think in school. And we learn what level we are. School is very important, because we need to know information to do jobs and work when we grow up. Without that, everything would be chaos. So, try to learn to love learning (and school of course)!

Hi, I'm Back!

Hey guys! I wanted to post an "Hi friends! Im back..." kitten picture, but it wouldn't work. I am back to posting! I am really bad at keeping to comitments. So if I said I would post at least 1 post everyday, I am so sorry! But, expect me to do it anyway sometime. Never know when I'm gonna log on and write! So, I just wanted to throw that out there. Also, I know that probably all my views are from me checking on my blog... not the best feeling. So I am just writing to myself sometimes! At least it feels that way, but I write more of just the hope someone else will view, and for the fun of it! Mostly because its fun, but I do want people to see my works! Well, that being said, keep on viewing (if you actually do view) and I will have lots of posts! Also, if you want me to talk about something, or you want me to find information on something, I am always here to help! Just ask in comments! 

From, your Happily-Starting-Blogging-Again Blogger,
What's New Editor-in-Cheif! 

P.S. Bad name, I know. Definetly need to work on it...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This is an extremly random post

😄😃😀😊☺️😉😜😜😝😛😳😁😔😔😌😒😌😞😣😢😂😭😰😪😥😥😅😥😓😔😫😩😱😫😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😋😋😋😋😋😯😦😮😮😵😠😬😧😯😇😏😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜mmm ramen noodles!!!!!!😋


Hey guys! Who here just hates their chores? If you like them, that's great! How many of you don't have chores at all? I hate them. But here's my advice to you: Just get it done! Get it over with! I know it's hard, trust me. Sometimes I have to do the dishes, and I HATE IT! Sorry, I think I'm going a little crazy...heh heh. Anyway, if you just get it done it will be done and you don't have to do it anymore!  So, there you go! I hope this post helps!

Keeping A Smile

Hey guys! I have a question. Do you ever feel like you just never feel happy? Or that at least like, everyday, you scream at the top of your lungs? Or, that your just upset. I actually feel that way a lot...oh well! I'm feeling totally fine right now! Anyway, if you ever got mad as a kid, then you'd probably heard this phrase: "Breathe in, breathe out" or "Count to ten!" But sometimes it's hard to remember to do that, especially if you're angry. I know that this might be a little hard too, but you can give it a try. Also, the "Breathe in, breathe out" is a good idea.  But first, try to think of the consequences of your actions. If you hit someone, they will get hurt. And thats pretty bad. If you scream, peoples ears could get hurt, too. Also, it would disrupt lots of activities that are happening. And, I know how it feels liike you just need to scream, so try screaming into a pillow. Maybe this idea won't work for you. Once, when I was angry, I almost did something I would regret. But then, I kept that in mind, and then I just removed myself from the scene, even though I was one of the main compomnents. So, I just went away. Also, talking to someone is a good idea. Try a trusted adult. Like a teacher, consuler, or parent. They are always willing to help! And, they've had lots of experience, so I know that they will be able to help. And, they will take care of everything! So don't worry. Just know that when your feeling a little moody, that sometime soon, you will feel amazing!

Wanting More

Hey guys! Guess what? I just had an awesome dream last night! I just wish it was in real life. So, I was at a dance party, and for some reason, someone just gave me a really cute purse that changed colors to match my outfit, a chrome book(the computer), an iPhone, a $200 gift card for apple, $1000 in cash, and a cute little kitten(SO. CUTE.)!!!! Anyway, I noticed, that it make me feel a little greedy. I know that this would never happen in real life, and I know that it's natural to want more every now and then, but I have to remember that I can't get everything I want. And so do you. Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 9, 2015


Hey guys! How many of you have a brother or sister? Maybe more? I do. You see, I'm a triplet, which means I have 2 other siblings, and we were all born on the same day. Luckily, they are the only siblings I have. Trust me, it's a hassle. I have now realized that I scream in rage(from my sister, though she's actually not that bad all the time) everyday! I have a brother and a sister. But, I realize that I am stuck with them forever. I was born with them! Anyway, your stuck with your siblings, too. And, deep down inside, I love my siblings! And so do you. So you'll get through all the fights and riots with your siblings! Don't worry. It will happen! Good luck!

Learning About Your Body

Ok. Learning about your body. Gross, right?! Right. But everyone has to do it, no matter what. So, I have a method that makes things easier with learning about your body. Are you grossed out by yourself? I'm not. I hope you're not. Remember that everything you learn in health class applies to you! (Unless it's about the opposit gender...) If this doesn't work, then experiment. All in all, you have to learn about your body, so your stuck with it. Good luck!

Follow-up of Cats And Kittens: Dogs And Puppies

Hey guys! Did you read the facts I posted about cats? I hope you liked them! Here's some facts about dogs!

  • In total there is said to be around 400 million dogs in the world.
  • The domestic dog has been one of the most popular working and companion animals throughout human history.
  • Dogs perform many useful tasks for humans including hunting, farm work and security as well as assisting those with disabilities such as the blind.
  • Although experts often disagree, there is scientific evidence which shows that the domestication of dogs could have occurred more than 15,000 years ago.
  • There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs.
  • Examples of these breeds include: Bulldog, German Shepherd, Collie, Golden Retriever, St Bernard, Greyhound, Bloodhound, Chihuahua, Labrador, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Boxer and Cocker Spaniel.
  • The most popular breed of dog in the world by registered ownership is the Labrador. With their gentle nature, obedience, intelligence and near limitless energy, Labradors make for excellent family pets and reliable workers. They often assist police and are a common choice as guide dogs.
  • Dogs have formed such a strong bond as pets, workers and companions to humans that they have earned the nickname "man's best friend".
  • Humans help train various dog breeds to enter in competitions such as breed shows, agility and obedience contests, racing and sled pulling.
  • Dog have superior hearing than humans, capable of hearing sounds at four times the distance.
  • Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, they are capable of differentiating odors in concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can.
  • The average life span for a dog is around 10 to 14 years.
  • Those involved in dog breeding refer to males as ‘dogs’, females as ‘bitches’, dogs younger than a year old as ‘puppies’ and a group of offspring as a ‘litter’.
  • Domestic dogs are omnivores, they feed on a variety of foods including grains, vegetables and meats.
There we go! If you want to know the site at which I learned this stuff, here it is!

They also have english and math!

Cats And Kittens

Hi! For this post, I am going to list some facts about cats! I love cats. I will do dogs, next. If you would like a different animal, just comment! Anyway, here's some awesome facts about cats!

  • Cats are one of, if not the most, popular pet in the world.
  • There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world.
  • Cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10000 years.
  • Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to14 hours a day.
  • Cats have flexible bodies and teeth adapted for hunting small animals such as mice and rats.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder, a male cat is called a tom, a female cat is called a molly or queen while young cats are called kittens.
  • Domestic cats usually weigh around 4 kilograms (8 lb 13 oz) to 5 kilograms (11 lb 0 oz).
  • The heaviest domestic cat on record is 21.297 kilograms (46 lb 15.2 oz).
  • Cats can be lethal hunters and very sneaky, when they walk their back paws step almost exactly in the same place as the front paws did beforehand, this keeps noise to a minimum and limits visible tracks.
  • Cats have powerful night vision, allowing them to see at light levels six times lower than what a human needs in order to see.
  • Cats also have excellent hearing and a powerful sense of smell.
  • Older cats can at times act aggressively towards kittens.
  • Domestic cats love to play, this is especially true with kittens who love to chase toys and play fight. Play fighting among kittens may be a way for them to practice and learn skills for hunting and fighting.
  • On average cats live for around 12 to 15 years.
  • Cats spend a large amount of time licking their coats to keep them clean.
  • Feral cats are often seen as pests and threats to native animals.
See? Here they are! it's awesome, isn't it? I totally learned something!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Dessert.

Yes, it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! The four (and sometimes three) meals! Remember, not everyone has dessert all the time, though. Breakfast. The first meal of the day. They say it's also the most important meal of the day. And lunch. I like lunch. It's right in the middle of the day, so I'm not really tired. But by the time it's lunch, I'm usually pretty hungry. And, I'm eating lunch as I write this! Next is dinner. This is the meal that ends the day, unless you have dessert. Dinner foods can be anything, as long as it's edible. Dessert. Mmmmm!. Bring on the cake! Or the pie! Or the cupcakes! Or the candy! Or the ice cream! Or the...I think you've heard enough of that. Dessert can vary between tangy tarts through sweet cake! As long as it's sugary, it's dessert! So, as you can see, all the meals are very different. They are at different times of the day, and you usually have different foods! But they all have one thing in common: you eat food in all of them!!!!! And, as you know, eating is very important to life! You have to eat! Whether it's just a snack, or an actual meal, remember to eat!

Over-Populating Schools

Hello! I know this is a random topic, but then again, aren't all my topics at least partly random? Anyway, Iv'e notice lately that there are a lot of schools with trailers, because there are more and more students coming in. I'm gonna take a poll. What do you think should happen? Should they make more schools? Please explain your answer in comments.

Favorite Song?

What is your favorite song? I don't have one. I like lots of songs! While I'm writing this, I'm listening to Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony. It's pretty good! Please comment on this! Tell me your favorite song, and there might be a link to it on a new post!

Would You Keep It?

Hi everyone! The title gives you a slight idea of what this post is about. Do you know about chemisrty? You don't really need to. Just a little knowledge. Anyway, have you heard of the substance dihydrogen monoxide? It's a really cool molecule! It's different than any other molecule! But lets get to in. Two things I wanna tell you. It can save your life! But it could also easily kill you. Would you keep it? It's all over the world. You can avoid it. If you could make it go away forever, would you? Stay tuned in to the posts. You might find out something interesting!

Touch Typing

Hi! New post! Yay! Anyway, as you can see from the title, this post is about touch typing. How's your touch typing? I have to admit, I always feel like I need to work on it. I mean, I can do it, but I want more speed and a little bit more accuracy. It would help with makeing posts alot! Don't you agree? Anyway, I know this great touch typing place. It might seem a little awkward, but it works. And thats the main reason I can actually touch type! Anyway, here's the link. You should try it!


This will work! Try it, and get on with touch typing!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heart Craft

Hey guys! I just wanna do at least one more post before I go to bed. So, I was looking at my wall,(I don't know why) and I saw a picture of a heart that I made. But I cut this one out. And also, this one is different because after I cut out the outline, I added a bunch of shapes, sorta like a snowflake. Have you ever made a paper snowflake? It's really fun. Anyway, if you do the same thing to a heart, then tape/glue it to colored paper or somthing like that, it will look great! And now that I thinkk of it, you can use this idea for Valentine's Day, or for someone you like! Though, for the Valentine's Day idea, it's a little early for that...heh heh. Anyway, try it! Its fun!      

More and More Poetry

Ya, ya, I know what your thinking "Poetry freak!!!!" but no. I just like poems! I write them alot, and I show them to some poeple, and they usually like them! I mean, what can I say? I just like poetry. And if you like it just as much as I do, (almost impossible, but still) then click on this link! (Just do it!)

It has a bunch or great poems! If you click on Poems and Performance, then Find Poems, then they have poems from A-Z! They are amazing! I found one in the D section, called The Day and its awesome! Here it is:

It hangs on its stem like a plum
At the edge of a darkening thicket
Its swelling and blushing and ripe
And I reach out a hand to pick it
But flesh moves slow through time
And evening comes on fast
And just when I think my fingers
Might sieze that sweetness at last
The gentlest of breezes rises
And the plum lets go of the stem
And now it's my fingers ripening
And evening that's reaching for them

Isn't it so deep? Well, I think it is. Anyway,  just go to PoetryOutLoud!!!!!!

Poems continued

Hey guys! If you looked at my last post, then you know what I'm talking about. If your having trouble with writing a poem, then heres an idea. Follow this format if you want!

If I were in charge of the world, I'd

If I were in charge of the world, there'd be
If I were in charge of the world, you wouldn't

See? This one is actually pretty fun, if you ask me. Remember, you don't have to do this, so this is just a little activity. And, if you do make a poem, you don't have to share it. Oh, and if you use this format if you make a poem, once you finish this, take out the numbers! Also, don't limit yourself to the reality! This is your peom, so make it you! Write whatever you want!


Hey everyone! I hope you like the poem that I found! I think its pretty good. I don't know. And I totally know that feeling "that makes you want to dance and twirl around". And I feel it alot! So, I want you to make a poem! You don't have to, but I think it would be fun.

Random Poem

Here's a poem by an anonymous writer. Hope you like it! Please comment!

I Live For The Sound Of Happiness And Joy

I live for the sound of happiness.
For the smiles on their faces.
And the tingling feeling
that makes you want to dance
and twirl around.
For the singing in the mountains,
and the leaping on the beach.
The feeling! This feeling!
The warmth in my heart!
I live for this feeling!
I live for the sound of happiness.
And joy! Joy! Ringing from the hilltops!
Flying through the mountain!
Yes, yes! The feeling that I hope won’t go away!
This joy! This joy! Yes!
My smile!
It goes from ear to ear!
My heart!
It thumps and bumps to a beat unknown!
My arms!
They fly above my head!
My feet!
They move around and run around like a speedy, maniac stallion!
Yes, Joy! I feel joy!
Smiles, from ear to ear,
Hearts, thump and bump,
Arms, fly above heads,
Feet, move and run around!
I sing for the sound,
I ring for the sound,
I dance for the sound,
I prance for the sound,
I live for the sound!
I sing, ring, dance, and prance.
I live for the sound
Of happiness and joy!
Of happiness and joy!
Of. Happiness. And JOY!!!!!!!!

Just Play A Song!

Basically what the title says. I don't care what it is, but just put on some music, and dance! Then, in the comments, comment what song you played if you want! The point is, just have fun! Put a smile on your face!

Which Do You Like Better????

Ok, poll time!
Which do you like better?

a) or b)???? Answer in the comments!!!!!:D


That is an image URL. I know. It's huge!!!!! I mean, why?! Why?! WHY?! That thing is so confusing! To whoever makes these, here's a little message to you:
How? How do you do this? Like, do you try to memorize it? 'Cuz I, well, obviously, I could never do that. So many numbers, letters, and symbols! Uh oh, I'm feeling kinda whoozy... 

So. Cute.

They are so cute!

Not Just This!

Hey there! Be sure to check out the posts or the past that I have done! They are for all the time! They never expire! At least most of them. Some maybe. Anyway, I highly encourage you to look at all my posts! Yay!

Just tell me!

Hello! If you are reading this post, then I have a little personality quiz for you. Of course, you don't have to do it. I can't make you do anything! Anyway, just read the questions, and answer the ones you wanna answer! Answer them in the comments. The point of this is that I just wanna get to know you a little bit!

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. Say you missed movie night with your best friend. What would you do?
  3. Your at school during recess. You have fun, just like you usually do. Then you see someone being bullied by the school bully. What do you do?
  4. Look at question 3. Answer that again, but here's a twist. What would you do if you friend told you not to help them because they're not worth it or went over and bullied them to. What would you do them?
  5. What is you favorite color?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. There's a new kid who can't find a place to sit at lunch. Would you invite them over?
  8. Which would you perfer for a perfect night: time at the spa? Night at the movies? Being a couch potato, playing video games all night? Having a slumber party with all you friends? Or having a dance party with all you friends?
  9. What do you do in your spare time?
  10. What do you wanna be when you grow up?


Hey there! I haven't made a post in a while! I know I don't have many views, but hey! I gotta try! I'm gonna try to post at least weekly, but my goal is daily. That probably won't happen, though. But who cares! Stay tuned in for new posts! Thanks!