Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Writer's Plot Twist Generator

Ok, so I just found a plot twist generator and I thought that I should try it! So you just gotta click the button and it comes up with a plot twist. And here's what I got:
The teacher loses the picture on a drunken night out. So first of all, after pasting this from the site I was like, "Woah! It also copied the color and font. This is weird." Anyway, I don't know what this is... loses what picture? Their 6th grade photo? What does this have to do with anything?! And why would you take a photo with you when you are drunk?!
The heroine asks awkward questions. Ok, what? The heroine asks awkward questions. How the hay is this a plot twist? It makes no sense! "Oh, did your pet duck like the clog I made them?" Because that's an awkward question. Well, it's more on the odd side than awkward, but still...
The daughter storms out. Unless you are a boy and you suddenly become a girl and you storm out because you are mad you became a girl, this is not a plot twist. Unless it leads up to that person becoming a freaky murderer or something, but seriously.

Ok, that's enough... it's too much. These are not good. The top one is kind of ok if you are creative, but really. Just wanted to share that with you all XD

Monday, September 12, 2016

He Left The Chat

Hey Goku, remember this? XD With Duckie!!! So I'm reading through the chat we had on Kik (that Duckie left for... reasons) and I thought I would share some of it with you. Ok, so Kik hates me. I can't see the profile pictures, so group chats are REALLY hard for me. I can't tell what's going on and I'm always afraid of pranks XD Anyway, so these are some funny parts of the chat:
I think it's Duckie: Dahhhhhhhhh
Me: Dah?
I think it's Duckie: Dah is me imitating the noise of a bleached whale.
Me: That almost autocorrected to neurosurgeons.
I don't know who said this: What's that
Me: A person who does surgery on the brain.
Me: I think.
Duckie I think: Are you one?
Me: Noooo
I think it's Goku: Wild floppy disk!
Me: Are you calling me a wild floppy disk? XD
I think it's Goku: No
Me: And I say LLAMA
Goku: Llama!
Duckie: A lobster farted a rainbow.
Me: And it wasn't even a unicorn!
Duckie: Or a ghetto pickle with a sombrero.
(some time later when they both when to bed)
Me: Poof.
Me: Poof.
Me: Poof
(I kept doing that until Duckie left the chat XD)

Something I Thought I Would Never Say

Ok, I'm not gonna go into the details because it's WAY to complicated, but I just now said "You are a vegetable and that's that!" to my friend. No, it's not for a skit or play or something. It's just a conversation XD so I thought I would share that, because you know. It's random.