Sunday, August 28, 2016

How To Become A Genius

Ok, so who watches the anime Death Note? Ok, I saw my sister watched it one day and instantly got obsessed. I had to literally pull myself away so I wouldn't be spoiled and so I could watch it on my own. I've just finished the first episode, and REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do the second one. But I decided to post instead C: Anyway, L and Kira are SO FREAKIN' SMART. Seriously, it's freaky. And they're both practically on top of each other, which makes it so suspenseful. They think the same way. So there are two reasons to watch it"

  1. It's an awesome anime. Absolutely awesome and amazing and- you know what, this could go on forever. You get the idea.
  2. You can learn a lot from them and become a genius JUST LIKE THEM :D it's not really educational, though. You just catch on. Probably. I haven't yet... WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

I Love Nightcore

"WE KNOW!!!"
This is what I'm pretty sure you all know... if you don't, now you know. I'm literally listening to it right now X3 and I'm adoring it. Yea, yea, yea, I know... I'm crazy and just say whatever, but what did you expect? The title of this blog is Randomness!
This is literally all you need to do in life. If you got a problem, just keep calm and listen to nightcore. 
Who wants to hear a little history lesson??? Just kidding, it's not history. Sort of. When I was little, the first time I listened to nightcore, I thought it was a company that took EVERY SONG IN THE UNIVERSE and nightcoreified it. Actually, it was that I thought that people really sang that high! NOPE :3 It's just a bunch of YouTube channels doing whatever songs they want. Well, the first song I listened was Angel Of Darkness. I still listen to it. Pretty good... ok, I'm done now XD

Songs That Make No Sense

Ok, so it may just be me. I'm ok with that because, to be honest, I get confused A LOT. High fives to all those just like me! But there are lots of songs these days that I find really confusing. They just seem like a bunch of words pushed together to create what is a song. Is there a meaning to it? Maybe. But only detectives (and really smart ones, too) are able to figure it out! At least I think. I don't really know, this is just what I feel about it. But then again, that's what blogs are about... anyway, does anyone else feel this way? High fives to everyone else who agree with me, too! You know what, HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If You're Clumsy

I come to visit the floor often XD we're best buds.

Ah... Memories.

I remember a loooooong time ago, I did this once XD

Dogs Are So Smart, Aren't They?

Yes, it's true. We all can learn a lot from a dog.

Why Are These So Addicting?!

Ok, so I got a little magnet toy thing. It's four magnets on a stick, and if you turn them the right way they repel against each other and look like they're floating. And it's just so fun to push them together and watch them pop back up! SO ADDICTING. It's driving me crazy. I'm taking a while typing this because I'm doing it right now with my other hand XD
I'm searching all over the internet to find what it's called and give a picture..........



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Weirdest Interview EVER.

Ok, everyone. So its summer, and just as teenagers do (if you are not a teenager, pretend you are), you have TWO OPTIONS. They both will determine whether you use sparkles or sequins. Option A: Sit around doing nothing. Option B: Get a job at the local pizza place. (I almost spelled pizza with a 't' instead of a 'z'... whoops.) So you decide to get a job because everyone likes money and pizza. So you apply for the job and the manager wants an interview with you. So you go in, and this is what happens:
*Please not that this is not supposed to be offensive, just humorous. This contains no racism, sexism, or any derogatory comments on any group of people. It is just stereotypes for teenagers to the extremes.
Question: What's your family like?
Answer: I have no idea... none. They're all so weird.
Question: What's one of your worst habits?
Answer: Worst? I am appalled! There is nothing bad about me, I'm perfect!
Question: What is your favorite dessert?
Answer: Dessert? Either it's everything or nothing. I adore it and stuff it all down, but I gotta watch my weight.
Question: What did you do last weekend?
Question: What is your biggest fear?
Answer: Are you planning to blackmail me or use it against me? Because I'll do to you what I did to Fre- never mind!
Question: What did you have for dinner last night?
Answer: Cheeseburgers. We also had pie for dessert, but I wish I had one now. I really want to smash it in your face.
Question: Are you a spender or a saver?
Answer: Spender. Deeeeefinitely a spender.
Question: How do you think the world will end?
Answer: *grins evilly* Me
Question: Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player or a winning team?
Answer: Best player on a horrible team, because then I can brag about it and boss them around.
Question: What is your favorite candy?
Answer: I CHOOSE SPARKLEZ OVER SEQUINZ!!!!!! * throws sparkles at manager and runs out of room*

Weird questions, even weirder answers.


Yes, peoplez. Lettuce do dis.

Cuz, you know. That moment in silence when someone just falls on their face or fart. It happens. And it's HILARIOUS. Not if the person is hurt, but lets face it. They will probably be fine.

(nope, not a ssssssnake. *ssss*)
*fart* Oh. That's awkward....